The launch of the new management platform " X" created by CRIBIS, a company from the CRIF group

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CRIBIS, a company from the CRIF group specialized in providing information and services to businesses for the management of commercial credit and business development, has chosen us for the launch of its latest product " X", an innovative platform capable of monitoring and managing the credit of companies and professionals, with the aim of collecting a high volume of quality contacts through the digital channels.


An original communication strategy capable of informing clients through ironic and creative concepts, developed from data analysis and from an in-depth study of the targets, ie credit managers - the people that deal with the management of commercial credit in companies. In parallel with the communication concept, we took care of creating the new X logo, the optimized landing page for contact collection and a series of personalized video tutorials.


We have taken care of the concept and the realization of 8 short films that, starting from an ironic initial question, explain the eight different features of the new platform by talking in an innovative way to the various clusters identified.