Presenting their talents through a video interview with parents: this is the theme of #TuCheMiConosci, the new video-storytelling contest of "Teen! Space", BPER Banca's project aimed at the world of teenagers curated by O-One.


"Teen! Space" (www.teenspace.it) - BPER Banca project dedicated to the world of teenagers - launches the #TuCheMiConosci digital contest, open to all children aged 13 to 18 years. The objective of the project is to bring out the talent of children through the realization of a short video-interview in which one or both parents are called to talk about their child’s passion.

The hashtag of the #TuCheMiConosci contest contains the creative concept conceived by O-One: the talent of young people seen through the eyes of adults and the relationship between adolescents and their parents, a theme that is often the protagonist in the social storytelling of young Youtubers. Participation in the contest is open until February 28, 2019, but only the ten best videos, selected by a jury made up of Teen! Space contributors, will enter the final phase. The videos chosen will be shared both on teenspace.it and on the Youtube channel of the project to be voted by the public. Once the voting period is over, a jury of videomaker experts will evaluate the work to reward the first three, based on criteria such as consistency with the theme of the competition, originality, creativity and spontaneity.

The first prize is a Volagratis Gift Card, the second an Amazon voucher while the third a Netflix Gift Card.