No longer
a single website but
a network of digital locations, assuring a presence where users meet

No longer
a single content but
as many languages as are needed to converse with all interlocutors

No longer
a socio-economic target to be met but
expressions of interest to take on board and satisfy

No longer
a single platform but
communication through all forms of digital media

from Digital Identity to Digital Media Communication Strategy
Digital media strategic planning
from Web Presence to Relationship Creation and Management
Information and interaction design
Social Identity Management
Blogosphere Interaction Design
Video communication
Mobile communication
Technology Architecture & Development
from Contents to Conversations
Digital contents design / Digital Editing
Conversations Building
Video Seeding
Viral Campaign
Content Driven SEO
from Actions to Measures
Web Analytics Consulting
Conversations Measuring

The Digital Media merge language and platform, content and container. But contact with a user or a customer must follow specific rules of engagement in order to generate a fruitful relation.
That's why O-one has specialized in a number of different fields.

Digital Relations and
Social Media marketing
Video Code
More on

We design communication projects on digital channels. Our professionals offer clients consultancy services for the development in terms of presence in the interactive market.

O-One was bor in 1999 and has offices located in Milano, Bologna, Reggio Emilia.

In 2008 launches Dr.O-One a unit focused on digital relations social media communication.

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    Fax 02 47770936
  • Bologna Via Milazzo, 24 / 40121
    Tel 051 558831
    Fax 051 6490706
  • Reggio Emilia Via B. Croce, 15 / 42123
    Tel 0522 930078
    Fax 0522 387947