Digital Experience Academy
March 5, 2018

Industree Communication Hub and O-One launch the Digital Experience Academy

Digital Experience Academy is the training area of Industree Communication Hub and O-One created to support companies in Digital Transformation, thanks to the development of new skills in the digital world.

Digital Experience Academy is featured on La Repubblica - Affari&Finanza. Luca Franzoso, CEO of Industree Communication Hub, talks about the new area, developed by the Group, dedicated to company training: the Digital Experience Academy, a tailor-made approach for the development of digital skills.

“The ongoing digital transformation must be perceived by companies as an opportunity, a strategic asset to open the doors to innovation, to be more responsive in the market and encourage the growth of people, teams and entire organizations” - comments Luca Franzoso. “It is precisely for this reason that we decided to invest heavily in new disruptive projects, starting from the digital sector to support innovative technologies for marketing, to be able to understand and predict the habits of users, thanks to methods of interaction between humans, machines and products”.

This is where the Digital Experience Academy project comes in, a tool aimed at companies and professionals to transmit digital skills involving employees, to make companies more attractive for new talents and achieve their business goals.

The Academy, equipped with a team of professionals with decades of experience in the field of digital communication, can propose a range of concrete and tailor-made solutions based on shared objectives. Training plans that are developed through practical exercises, sharing of real cases and analysis of successful results.

Among the various courses, the Social Media for Human Resources course aims to provide the tools to involve employees in the implementation of a successful corporate social strategy.

The Social Media for Employer Branding course conveys the skills to plan a strategy to attract new talent through recruitment on social and job networks, encouraging the processes of engagement and ambassadorship.

“The Digital Experience Academy” - explains Franzoso - “was created to accompany organizations in the world of 4.0. Businesses will have to spend more and more time on training, because what is happening is an epochal change, which we can’t ignore if we want to pursue sustainable growth. To meet the challenges of the future, knowledge and application become fundamental.”