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Maserati and O-One have come a long way together: the Italian brand -which requires no introduction- chose our agency to narrate and share its boundless passion with the vast public who revere its sporting heritage and distinguished values related to design and Italian culture.


To extend the brand’s baseline scenario, bringing Maserati to a fresh audience by narrating the brand with language and codes of a powerfully digital inclination. Along the way, these aims were expanded to allow the opportunity to coordinate the brand’s social principals at an international level.


Creating a social presence specific to Maserati Italy to highlight the activities it carries out in its home territory and establish a strong bond between parent company and dealerships.


The involvement of top digital influencers from the luxury and lifestyle sectors in a range of exclusive brand experiences. Maserati has opened the brand to new partners who speak the Trident’s language and share the same passions. In parallel, international coordination activities have allowed the brand to homogenise its social presence.

Maserati Lifestyle Experience

Looking to the world of fashion and lifestyle influencers was the first step in the process of creating new relationship scenarios for Maserati. O-One created a unique experience at the headquarters in Modena (Factory Tour) involving digital influencers seemingly far removed from the brand’s traditional automotive public, but sticking close to the values of fashion, lifestyle and luxury which speak to a wider audience who are nonetheless highly receptive to Maserati’s values and active on social channels.
The experience with Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), the world’s best known fashion blogger, deserves special mention.

Maserati Music Experience

Always looking for new audiences, O-One came up with fresh ways of producing content to be shared on official Trident social sites. During the Maserati Winter Tour 2013-14, music performances by artists such as Enrico Ruggeri, Saturnino, Federico Poggipollini and Niccolò Bossini from the Luciano Ligabue band were organised at several prestigious ski resorts (Courmayeur and Livigno). Musical aperitifs by invitation which, as well as creating valuable contacts at the events, also generated exclusive multimedia content that drew strong engagement on Maserati Italy’s social sites.

Maserati & Il Cucchiaio d'Argento

In terms of building exclusive customer relations with historic Italian lifestyle brands, O-One’s collaboration with "Il Cucchiaio d'Argento" merits attention - the legendary culinary publication has in recent years revamped itself in a digital format with great success.
Two road trips with Maserati at the wheel heading for some of the most important restaurants in Italy were the pretext for creating editorial projects containing exclusive content spread via Maserati Italy and "Il Cucchiaio d'Argento"’s social channels.

Maserati Eastern Europe

Maserati has chosen O-One to coordinate its activities on social media networks across Eastern European markets.
The countries involved are all in realities that are highly strategic to the commercial goals of the brand: sixteen countries in Eastern European, from Russia to Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic and Turkey.
The goal is to drive the creation and optimisation of social channels in the various markets involved through daily operational support: from establishing a coordinated image to choosing the most appropriate tone of voice and defining guidelines to maximise advertising investment on Facebook platforms.


O-One has created #MaseratiBeat, a branded entertainment project merging on and offline formats aimed at revealing CasaMaserati, the new House of the Trident in Piazza San Fedele in the heart of Milan. This new space provides a sophisticated and unprecedented setting for exclusive DJ sets.
A special opportunity to immerse yourself in the mood of Maserati: exclusive events fusing glamour and great music, with both real and digital experiences to live and share via Facebook and Instagram. O-One created and named the format, as well as producing the editorial content and providing communication management for the initiative on Maserati Italy’s social profiles.