• Strategic Consulting

    Strategic Consulting

    We assist our clients with continuous and multilevel strategic consultancy support.

    Competitive online scenario analysis: listening to the network to monitor user sentiment and brand reputation, classification of modes, benchmarks definition and positioning maps.

    Digital Marketing Strategy: definition of strategic objectives and indication of performance meters for optimizing the digital ecosystem, creation of models for periodic measurement of results and reporting.

    Social Media Strategy: definition of strategic objectives, creation of social ecosystem and content strategy.

    Digital Communication Strategy: copy strategy, communication concept, communication guidelines.

    SEO Strategy: SEO audit of the client's digital devices to assess the positioning and correct use of optimization techniques, drafting guidelines to improve SEO positioning.

    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Digital Communication Strategy
    • SEO Strategy
    • Data Intelligence
  • Performance Marketing & Digital advertising

    Performance Marketing & Digital advertising

    We improve the ROI of every communication and marketing action through a data-driven approach

    Digital and Social Advertising campaigns, SEO and SEA campaigns, implementation of Conversion Rate Optimization techniques through Marketing Automation platforms are the areas in which together with our customers we design, plan and measure.

    Thanks to our experience in projects aimed at optimizing performance for different companies and industries and at an effective KPI setting system, we have developed a strong ability to anticipate and predict target behavior and results.

    Digital Advertising: planning campaigns on digital media - display, Google Ads, social Adv, native Adv, etc.

    Programmatic Advertising: through the use of programmatic platforms we automate and optimize the planning of advertising spaces in order to send the right message, at the right time and to precise audience segments identified by targeting

    Conversion Rate Optimization: optimization of the conversion funnel through strategic analysis of web analytics data, implementation of marketing automation platforms, A/B testing for all navigation, tracking and conversion solutions, fine tuning.

    Search Engine Optimization & Advertising: selection of strategic keywords for the customer, optimization of site coding, content and creation of advertisements for Google Ads, monitoring of results and fine tuning.

    Mobile Wallet Advertising: Online Sales Generator is the integrated Mobile Wallet Advertising platform that combines digital advertising, e-commerce, loyalty, and personalized customer experience: a tool designed to increase online sales and improve customer loyalty.

    • ROI Optimization Strategy
    • Media Strategy & Planning
    • Digital Advertising: Programmatic, Social Adv, Google Ads
    • Lead Generation & Mobile app installations Campaigns
    • Marketing Automation & E-mail Marketing
    • SEO Optimization
    • Analytics Management
    • Dynamic Reporting
    • Mobile Wallet Marketing
  • Digital & Social Content Campaign

    Digital & Social Content Campaign

    Data-driven storytelling, we design and produce content thanks to the analytical knowledge of digital media and reference audiences.

    The accurate data with regard to audience tastes and preferences allow us to optimize and align the creative idea.

    We deal with UX and content architecture, designing in “mobile first” mode, we create editorial plans for digital devices, from the website to social media, we develop SEO content and transform every moment of corporate communication into digital storytelling.

    Content & Communication Guidelines: Design and implementation of multi-channel content. Creation of guidelines for the preparation of communication contents.

    SEO Content Optimization: Design and development of compliant SEO content, search for strategic keywords, creation of SEO guidelines for content editing.

    Social Media Strategy & Management: Social media presence strategies, editorial plans, community management, training for social media management.

    Digital PR & Influencers: Scouting and involvement of digital publications and influencers in support of brand communication projects.

    Branded Podcast: Podcasts are today the audio communication tool for excellence and their great success is a new channel available for companies. We design and produce podcasts taking care of the entire supply chain: from concept to realization in the studio. We create partnerships between established brands and podcasters. We take care of the diffusion on the main platforms (Spotify, Spreaker, etc.) and monitor the results.

    • Content Design
    • SEO Content
    • Social Media
    • Real Time Event Storytelling
    • Digital PR
    • Influencer Activation
    • Branded Podcast
  • Tech Solutions

    Tech Solutions

    We develop digital platforms and integrate them with e-commerce, marketing automation and CRM systems

    Web Design & Development: design and development of sites and applications, with custom CMS or on any requested platform.

    E-commerce Solutions: development of custom e-commerce applications or on the main platforms on the market: Magento, WooCommerce, etc. CRM & Marketing Automation Integration: integration of CRM platforms and marketing automation to optimize the conversion rate.

    Phygital Experience: through the specialized Industree Pointer division, we install hardware systems to access the network in the physical spaces. We collect digital and behavioral data that we interpret to guide strategic choices, plan marketing actions, and enhance business performance.

    Chatbot & Virtual Assistant: we design and develop chatbots and virtual assistance systems for users who want information on products, services, etc. interacting with platforms such as, Microsoft Messenger.

    • Web Development
    • E-commerce Solutions
    • CRM & Marketing Automation
    • Customer Data Platform Implementation
    • Chatbot
  • Digital Training

    Digital Training

    We design and implement training courses for companies to grow and spread digital awareness and culture

    We have customized training plans at different levels that we deliver through a specialized division: the Digital Experience Academy.

    Digital Marketing Training: a series of customizable training sessions that touch all the areas of impact of the digital transformation on marketing, from CRM to marketing automation, and e-commerce.

    Social Media Management & Advertising: a training program focused on growing customer resources to better manage social media communication.

    Social Media for Sales Networks: how to take advantage of social media to improve the performance of sales networks. The course is aimed for Sales Managers, Area Managers, Agents, Dealers and Marketing & Communication Managers.

    Social Media for Human Resources: the course is aimed for Human Resources Managers, Marketing & Communication Managers and professionals in the human resources department.

    Social Media for Employer Branding: from employer advocacy to the strategic use of social media for recruiting.

    • Digital Marketing Training
    • Social Media Management & Advertising Training
    • Social Media per le Reti Vendita
    • Social Media per le Risorse Umane
    • Social Media per Employer Branding