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Reconciling the values of a historic brand with a new vision of the brand in a social key: SDF, a leading company in the production of tractors and agricultural machinery, has entrusted O-One with creating a personalized social media strategy for the Group's brands ( SAME, Lamborghini Tractors and Deutz-Fahr)


SDF agricultural machinery has been a favourite for farmers for years, trustworthy work tools comparable to those of a craftsman. With the aim of transmitting this message in a social key, O-One has created a social media strategy for the three brands with SDF, developing the values of reliability, security and solidity through a storytelling aimed at expanding the fanbase and communication of the range of products.


O-One and SDF’s story began in 2016 with the launch of the social communication activity on the Facebook devices of the three brands Deutz-Fahr, SAME and Lamborghini Trattori.

The first step was the analysis of the social language of the three different brands, followed by the development of editorial strategies, aimed at creating engagement through high-interest content for the target audience. Since 2019 the social media strategy has also included the Italian Facebook channels of SAME Deutz-Fahr with a story aimed at local engagement and storytelling of events and activities related to the national panorama.


In 2019 SAME corporate launched the new instagram channel @sametractorsofficial, with the aim of reaching a very active audience on the platform and increasing the brand's social fanbase. Custom content for the channel was created and the #ILOVESAME hashtag launched, while the visibility of the publications was supported by a targeted advertising strategy on the new channel.


The aim was to talk about the new CVT Orchard through videos that presented both the most technical and highly innovative features of the model, as well as the performance in terms of user experience. The O-One creative team supported the brand during the storyboard design and video shooting phase, enhancing the high technological content of the new tractor. The video content was then rolled out on social media for the campaign on the brand's Facebook profile.


An analysis of brand identity with relation to the characteristics and needs of the users of each brand has contributed to the development of a social media strategy that reinforces the brand’s visibility, laying the foundation for the construction of a long-lasting and proactive relationship with the fans. The Facebook fanbase has exceeded 100,000 fans while the Instagram channel has reached over 2,000 fans in just over a month. The hashtag #ILOVESAME has become the source of numerous User Generated Content (UGC).