A 360 degrees communication plan to increase brand awareness





The objective was to offer maximum visibility to the MyGlass brand, creating awareness throughout the national territory and provide effective communication tools to its network of over 180 Centers throughout Italy.


A communication plan on all digital touchpoints that included the development of a creative storytelling aimed at telling the world about MyGlass services on the main social media channels. This narrative is engaging with new and unconventional languages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Editorial content was flanked by the parallel activation of advertising campaigns and programmatic adv.


The display campaigns in digital advertising have generated +80k visits to the dedicated mini-site and +12k searches of the MyGlass centers on a target of users interested in car maintenance.

Thanks to our coordination and training, the centers have been able to use effective tools to grow their business online. 


Around the ongoing partnership between My Glass and the Italian basketball championship, an opportunity for the company to confirm its passion for sport, a social communication plan has been developed through a strategic programming of content. A narrative to tell all the sponsor days and sports events organized in major Italian cities. 


In order to optimize in terms and costs for the operational management of the community management and customer service, O-ONe designed MyGlass Chatbot. The most effective tool to allow users to find the nearest repair center, receive a quote, and book an appointment directly on Facebook Messenger. The Chatbot proved to be a perfect tool for lead generation, data gathering, and user data analysis generating: 

  • More than 120 conversations initiated in the first 10 months of activity;
  • More than 50 users obtained a quote, just as many located the nearest repair center;
  • About 60 users have shared their data: vehicle license plate, email, and phone number.