The all-in-one digital communication project for the Curves community in Italy

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Digital Communication & Marketing Strategy
ROI Optimization Strategy
Media Strategy & Planning

Digital Advertising: Facebook, Instagram adv, Google Search Ads
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Involving and informing Italian women of all ages about the Curves world and the innovative fitness model proposed with the aim of increasing brand awareness and the volume of prospective contacts.


We have developed a storytelling project based on an in-depth study of the female targets and their different needs in different moments of life, identifying interesting topics to roll out on digital channels to facilitate the free consultation booking process. Instagram (@Curves_italia) has also been added to the Curves social ecosystem with the aim of reaching new potential customers, since, in Italy, the social platform now has over 10 million registered women. The published content will be sponsored according to a performance-oriented planning strategy that includes engagement campaigns and lead generation on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads (Search).


The strategy led to an improvement in the organic positioning of the Curves site in the first quarter of activity, an increase in the volume of leads, and an increase in engagement on Facebook thanks to constant sponsorship of the editorial content.