O-One manages the launch of the innovative "CRIBIS.com X" platform

O-One managed the launch of the new "CRIBIS.com X" management platform created by CRIBIS, part of the CRIF group, the first in continental Europe in the banking credit information sector.


CRIBIS, part of the CRIF group specialized in providing information and services to businesses for the management of commercial credit and business development, has chosen O-One to launch its latest product "CRIBIS .com X ": a platform able to monitor and manage the credit of companies and professionals like never before.

In a context where only one out of three companies in Italy pays out, credit management is one of the main drivers for the success of a company and CRIBIS.com X allows to translate business and credit management strategies into tools to evaluate new clients, monitor and manage the customer portfolio and optimize the decision-making process with the sales network, thus reducing DSO, overdue and losses.

For the launch of CRIBIS.com X, CRIBIS has relied on O-One’s digital experience by focusing on an original, unusual communication for the sector, able to inform customers through ironic and creative concepts, out of the ordinary schemes. A strategy aimed at reaching a well-defined target, or credit managers, who deal with the management of commercial credit in companies.

As well as the creative concept, O-One also created and planned a series of activities including the new CRIBIS.com X logo and the production of 8 short tutorial films (https://youtu.be/FdcOwMyZGWo) that starting from an initial ironic question, they talk about eight different features of the latest product on the brand's social networks, becoming protagonists of offline events with the sales force. Added to this are the production of graphic formats for the LinkedIn and Facebook channels and the creation of branded agendas for the sales force.

In support of the launch of CRIBIS.com X, O-One also managed the advertising campaign. The agency has opted exclusively for online distribution and media planning through a mix of Social ADV campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook, Online Video, ADV Displays and Retargeting, disbursed in programmatic purchase from July to October 2018. The objective is twofold, to promote awareness of the new product and to maximize redemption in contacts and leads of users interested in learning about the new features introduced, inviting them to test the platform through the opportunity to receive free reports and demos.