BPER Banca entrusts O-One for the digital communication project of ‘La Galleria. Collezione e Archivio Storico’

Developing a digital communication project to reinterpret ‘La Galleria. Collezione e Archivio Storico’, the cultural project of BPER Banca, in a contemporary language. This is the new challenge of O-One


‘La Galleria. Collezione e Archivio Storico’ is the project of BPER Banca aiming at preserving, protecting and promoting the collection of the bank: it is way more than an exhibition space; it is a veritable cultural worksite, a dynamic space consecrated to the artistic promotion and to the story between BPER Banca and its territory since its foundation in 1867.

BPER Banca entrusted O-One for the creation of the institutional website of the project www.lagalleriabper.it: a stunning showcase to explain ‘La Galleria. Collezione e Archivio Storico’ in every single component, from the corpus of the works of art to the expositions and the historical archive of the bank. The website is structured in various sections so that the cultural property of BPER Banca is accessible and digitized, mirroring the identity of the project and highlighting the corporate social responsibility.

The launch of the abovementioned website was accompanied by the creation of a new Instagram channel @lagalleriabper to give a greater visibility to the project, to increase the website traffic and to create an actual online community.

The Instagram channel of the project will act as a delightful photo gallery consecrated to the entire collection: works of art and archives will be proposed with an easy, fresh and contemporary language to make art more and more accessible and to attract a wider group of users.